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one cloister or another; priors and o■ther heads had relations and fri●ends in Parliament. Neverthe■less the condemnation was g


eneral, and men spoke● of those monkish sanctuaries as, in former ■times, men had spoken of the priests● of Jezebel—'Let us pull down their ●houses, and overturn their altars.'[204] T■here were, however, some objections. Twent●y-six abbots, heads of the great monasteri●es, sat as barons in t

he Upper House: these ●were respected. Besides, the gr■eat convents were less di

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sorderly ●than the small ones. Cromwell res●tricted himself for the moment■ to the secularization of 37●6 cloisters, in each o


f which the■re were fewer than twelve persons. The ●abbots, flattered by the exc●eption made in their favor, were silent●, and even the bishops hardly ca■red to defend institutions which had● long been withdrawn from their authority. 'Th■ese monasteries,' said Cromwell, 'being the ■dishonor of religion, and all ■the attempts, repeated through ●more than two centuries, hav●ing shown that their reformation is ●impossible, the King, as supreme head of■ the Church under God, proposes t■o the Lords and Commons, and these a■gree, that the possessions of the sai■d houses, shall cease to be ■wasted for the maintenance of sin, and shal■l b

e converted to better uses.'[205] =REAL RELI■GIOUS HOUSES.= There was immediately a great co■mmotion throughout England. S■ome rejoiced, while others we●pt: superstition {97} beca■me active, and weak minds believed ever■ything that was told them. 'The Virgi■n,' they were assured, 'had appeared■ to certain monks, and ordered them to serve h■er as they had hitherto done.' 'What! no more● religious houses,' exclaimed other■s, through their tears.[206] 'On the ■contrary,' said Latimer; 'look at that man and ●woman living together piously, tranquilly, in

t■he fear of God, keeping His Wor■d and active in the duties of their cal●ling:

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'An■d yet,' said the devout, 'the monks had● more holiness than those who live ●in the world.' Latimer again went i●nto the pulpit and said: 'When St. An■thony, the father of monkery, lived i●n the desert, and thought himself the most■ holy of men, he asked God who shoul■d be his companion in heaven, if it were● possible for him to have


one. "■Go to Alexandria," said the Lord; "in ■such a street and house you will find h■im."[208] Anthony left the desert, sou●ght the house, and found a poor cobb●ler in a wretched shop mending old sh■oes. The saint took up his abode ■with him, that he might learn by what mortif●ications the cobbler had made

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